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Happy Visits for Cats and Dogs

Help Your pet love coming to the vet

What is a Happy Visit?

Happy Visits allow your pet to come to our office for a stress-free, no poke, visit. They get loved on by the staff allowing your pet to get used to new people, a new place, before they have to have any treatments done. 

  • Get Treats

  • Get Loved On

  • Meet the Staff

  • Explore the Office and Exam Rooms

The benefit of Happy Visits is a nervous, anxious, or even fear-aggressive pet can have time to adjust. Then, when they need to come for vaccines, exams, and treatment they have already met the staff and explored the environment. 

Happy Visits are a part of our Fear Free model and another way we help pets have a less stressful expereince at the vet.

Your first Happy Visit is free so call our staff today to schedule. 

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