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New Jersey Aububon Veterinary Office

OUR HOSpital

Fear Free Veterinary Office

Our team is filled with certified fear free professionals!

What is Fear Free?

We prioritize reducing the stress, fear, and anxiety of pets when they visit the vet. Our staff have gone through the Fear Free training so they can provide every pet with a safe and comforting experience.


Want to learn more? Click the button below to learn all about the Fear Free programs.  

Cat Friendly Practice Gold

Audubon Family Veterinary Center has earned level Gold for being a Cat Friendly Certified Practices.

So, what does that mean?

We have GOLD standard!! What does it mean? To earn a Cat-Friendly Practices (R) Certification, certain feline-specific criteria must be met. This certification requires meeting 128 criteria for Gold Level across ten categories, including:

1) Staff Training & Education

2) Hospital Premises & Waiting Area


3) Feline Handling


4) Exam Room & Clinical Records


5) Hospitalization of Cats


6) Pain Management, Operating Room, and Anesthesia


7) Surgical Equipment & Dentistry


8) Diagnostic Imaging & Lab Equipment


9) Treatment / Health & Safety


10) Preventative Care by Life Stages

We believe in... Being Empowered


We encourage employees to pursue educational opportunities that benefit their professional development while preserving the core values and mission statement of the hospital. We provide training and leadership development to

enable staff to have the tools to make decisions on behalf of the hospital that is in the best interest of the client and patient. We educate our clients to make decisions with the goal of maintaining patients’ best interests.


Make honest decisions that embody the veterinary code of ethics, uphold the highest morals level, and encourage other staff members to do the same. All employees are expected to take responsibility for the success of the organization

and to consider the organization when performing work-related duties and communicating with other team members.


Empathy for our employees, clients, patients, referring veterinarians, partner rescue organizations, and our community is the cornerstone of our ability to build strong relationships within our team. Treat our patients and clients as if we were treating our own family and pets. Our compassion allows us to provide exceptional, personalized service to our patients and clients.


A team is comprised of individuals working towards a common goal who collaborate effectively and openly with each other. We consider all employees, clients, referring veterinarians, partner rescue organizations, and our community to be part of our team and must treat all with respect. We aim to build relationships with our team members that allow us to deliver high-quality veterinary care, promote business sustainability and growth, and result in our staff

members, patients, clients, and referring veterinarians being treated like family and to consider the organization when performing work-related duties and communicating with other team members.


Abiding by the rules, regulations, and laws applicable to the profession. Professionalism allows you to fulfill your role to the best of your ability and helps you to impress and inspire others. Professionalism in communication fosters open discussions, feedback, consistency, transparency, and appropriate behavior.

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