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Audubon Family Veterinary Center NJ Dentistry Dental Cleaning


Committed to the preservation of oral health! By three years of age, most cats and dogs have some level of periodontal disease, not always present to the owners.


Dogs & Cats

Audubon Family Veterinary Center provides the latest in medical/surgical veterinary procedures and treatment for your pet’s oral health. We believe that routine dental care prevents dental disease that can lead to:

• pain and premature tooth loss

• periodontal disease

• infections that can spread throughout the body, affecting the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver

• can lead to a decreased quality of life


Our oral health program consist of three parts, each tailored to fit your pet:


1 - A complete oral exam of the mouth including charting of periodontal pockets for each tooth, and digital x-rays of each tooth and its root structure to evaluate for disease below the gumline.

2 - Cleaning each individual tooth above and below the gumline by ultrasonic scaling followed by polishing each tooth.

3 - Educating our clients about continued dental care to help prevent disease going forward.

For more resources and information visit or check out our blog on dentals! 

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