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Dr. Jonathan Roth


University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Interests: All areas of veterinary medicine.

My Story

There has been a veterinary hospital in this location (Audubon Veterinary Associates) since June of 1958 and Dr. Roth started working in this building in 1983 as an assistant and later as a technician for the owner at the time Dr. Jay Simmons VMD . He also worked for Dr. Picone VMD who took over the practice as both a technician and a doctor and has worked here on and off since. Dr. Roth started working for Audubon Family Veterinary Center in February 2023 so as he tells his clients, “I kind of came with the building”.

Dr. Roth graduated from Collingswood High School in 1986. He attended both Camden County College and Rutgers Cook College for his undergraduate degree and graduated in 1992. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Dr. Roth was on the president's and dean’s lists and graduated with honors from his undergraduate studies.

Getting to know the pets and the families they are part of over the years gives him a feeling of being useful and that is no small thing. "I enjoy the challenge of the diagnosis but am still “practicing” in all senses of the word. I enjoy learning new things and especially applying that new knowledge to helping the patients in front of me that need me to be their advocate. I also truly enjoy working with and around those in this field since they are often the smartest and most compassionate people I have met in this life so far."

Growing up in Oaklyn NJ, his mother was a CCU nurse for most of her career and she would always talk to him about her patients and their stories and about her job generally. "In those days I was able to go in with her and spend time with her at work learning about her job and how to read the electrocardiograms that were monitoring all of the patients. I’m not sure if they still do but they used to pay people who knew how to read them to monitor every patient and watch for problems.  So medical knowledge was around me while I was growing up. My mother was always the one who my family and neighbors called on first when they had a health question or concern. My father was a very good TV repair man back when you could actually fix them. People he worked with would come to him when they were having difficulties because he was a very good diagnostician. Even as a child, he taught me how to diagnose a problem and find the part that needed replacement. I started in my sophomore year of high school volunteering at Audubon Veterinary Associates and was soon hired by them as an assistant eventually working my way up to technician/nurse. I also found jobs helping take care of zoo animals and building habitats at zoos. I also volunteered to help wildlife rehabilitators in the area care for the wild animals that needed them. Later, Dr. Jay Simmons was the person who told me I should go to veterinary school and both he and Dr. Picone encouraged me to do so."

Dr. Roth helped design the computer aided learning surgical program for the veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 while he was a student there using the html language and his surgical skills. He has worked with large animals, small animals, exotics, and zoo animals during his career as a veterinarian. Dr. Roth always seems to be involved in performing surgeries and teaching surgical techniques during a large portion of his career and he used to be one of the few veterinarians in the region that did surgeries on fish. It is not unusual for him to accumulate up to about 100 continuing education credits yearly in his continued interest in learning about the many aspects of the veterinary profession.

Dr. Roth is married to a Philadelphia native who he met while in veterinary school. They have a constant stream of animals that come and go in their household through the years. Currently they only have Cooper and Fred the Cavy brothers. Dr. Roth used to have a lot of hobbies and interests before he had children. "Currently they are my hobby and interest since they are all in grade school although I am trying to slowly teach them about some of my interests like wildlife photography and studies, backcountry hiking and camping and kayaking, reading, biking, traveling around the united states often visiting historic sites, spending time with family exploring the outdoors and sampling and cooking the wonderful Jersey Fresh foods available from the local farms, fisheries, and restaurants."

" From the scheduling, to the front desk, to the techs and Dr. Roth my entire experience was exceptional. Clean new facility, easy access and parking. The entire team cared enough to take the time to thoroughly address all of my concerns and review my dog’s history to get a full holistic picture of her health before assessing the immediate problem that brought us in. I never felt rushed, and their patience and thoroughness made me feel confident in her care. I was able to stay with my dog through most of her exam keeping her calm and giving me a chance to better understand what the issues were and ask clarifying questions. Superb experience. So glad they have come to the neighborhood. "
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